CVNT Network
CVNT Network
WEB 3.0 Technology
Bifröst to Metaverse
Technology Values
High TPS
High Security
High Scalability
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Core Architecture
CVN adopts a four-layer architecture of basic technology layer, consensus layer, protocol layer, and application layer in the technical architecture, aiming at possible performance bottlenecks in large-scale decentralized applications.
  • Basic Technology Layer
    Supporting the underlying technical facilities of different landing application scenarios, this layer is the foundation of the CVN as the next generation of public chain facilities.
  • Consensus Layer
    CVN adopts the VRF consensus main chain + PoST (time-space proof) consensus distributed storage. The PBFT fault tolerance achieved at the block height makes the main chain of VRF more stable.
  • Protocol Layer
    The protocol layer has established all contract applications supported after the mainnet mapping. This is an important technical support for the CVN to establish a business model.
  • Application Layer
    Combined basic applications at the application layer, CVN established a feasible business model on the public chain.
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CVN: Blockchain Web 3.0
Vrf Consensus Public Chain
Provide a verifiable mechanism for the asymmetric key.
PoSt Consensus
An effective data integrity verification mechanism.
Layer 2 Solution
A public chain of layer2 on Ethereum.
The whole project is running in a truly decentralized way.
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CVN: Ecological Application Platform
  • Decentralized Storage Cloud
    CVN’s decentralized storage cloud provides the infrastructure for a commercial-grade blockchain, which perfectly responds to application scenarios such as high concurrency, relational, key-value pairs, large capacity, efficient indexing, and data security.
  • BaaS Platform
    CVN BaaS is conceived from the bottom-up. User-ease and developer-friendliness stand among the core ideas of CVN. The elaboration of modular development functions and cloud platform tools.
  • Lifecloud
    Lifecloud is a decentralized video content distribution platform built on CVN’s decentralized storage cloud.
  • Lifecloud_DID
    The Lifecloud’s decentralized identifiers (DID) supports users to put all their private personal data in a decentralized storage space for management, storage and authentication purposes. This is useful for various on-chain governance, DeFi and other digital identity application scenarios.
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